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large-scale applications
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Macaio Group is a leading group in the show technology industry, with more than 38 years of expertise, promoting leading brands on the market, with an excelent quality-price ratio.

Among its assets, the group has IDEA Pro Audioa professional audio equipment brand with 7 years of trayectory that manufactures and develops its own R&D at its facilities in Cedeira, A Coruña (Spain). The brand is present in more than 20 countries, with loudspeakers that feature 100% European components.

Macaio Europe is born to take advantage of all its expertise and well-doing with the aim of introducing and strengthening its brands in the national and international markets at this side of the World, utilising its facilities, ditribution channels and logistics.

The company offers both audio and lighting solutions, as well as LED screens and accessories. From LED washes to high-performance moving heads, Macaio Europe’s portfolio encompasses all the corners of the industry.

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