Elipsoled 3100 MAX

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Ellipsoidal RGBLA LED luminaire

  • 1 250-Watt COB LED
  • CRI: > 90Ra
  • Colour temperature: 3200K
  • Adjustable PWM
  • Compatible with industry-standard lenses


Elipsoled 3100 MAX is an ellipsoidal LED luminaire powered by a 250W COB LED that works at 3100K with a 90Ra colour reproduction. Thanks to its COB LED, Elipsoled 3100 MAX enables a great energy saving and a very low heat generation. The luminaire sports a 16-bit dimmer with four dimming curves, strobe effect and adjustable PWM, essential for a flicker free operation in any given circumstances. Elipsoled 3100 MAX has a wide variety of lenses, including two zoom barrels, and is compatible with the most popular lenses in the industry.

Three times more efficient

Due to its innovative light source and the sophisticated design of its optical set, the MAX line exceeds the luminous performance of the traditional 750W halogen spot lamp. The fixture consumes about 1/3 less energy than traditional halogen lamps.

Superior color rendering

ELIPSOLED MAX has a CRI of >90Ra, providing excellent and accurate colour rendering. The CRI (colour rendering index) is a quantitative measurement, from 0 to 100, used to indicate how accurate a given light source is at rendering the colours of an object.

Additional information

Light source

1 250-Watt COB LED

Average lifespan

50.000 hours

Available lenses

5º,10º,19º,26º,36º,50º, 15-30º & 25-50º

Frecuencia de refresco

PWM ajustable

Luminous flux

11616 lm

Colour rendering


Flux @ 10º

4965 Lux @ 10M

Flux @ 26º

1250 Lux @ 10M


Full-range: 0-100% (16-bit) with curves



Strobe effect

0-20 flashes per second

DMX channels


RDM function


Operation mode

DMX, Static, Master/Slave & on-board control

Conectores DMX

2 XLR-3 & 2 XLR-5

Power connectors

PowerCON™ in/out



IP certification/


Voltage range

AC100–240V, 50-60Hz

Max. consumption



720x380x340 mm.

Net weight

9,6 Kg.