Elipsoled Color

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Ellipsoidal RGBLA LED luminaire

  • 91 3-Watt RGBLA  LEDs
  • CRI: > 85Ra
  • Colour temperature presets from 2700K to 8000K
  • PWM adjustable
  • HSIC colour management


Elipsoled Color is an ellipsoidal LED luminaire powered by 91 x 3W RGBLA (18R, 18G, 19B, 18A, 18L) LEDs. With the addition of Lime LEDs, the fixture enables very subtle colour hues and makes the projection look brighter. Also, as a result of its advanced colour mixing, the unit sports a virtual colour wheel to match the industry’s most popular filters and has colour temperature presets from 2700 to 8000K. Last but not least, Elipsoled Color provides 16-bit dimming with 4 dimming curves, HSIC colour management, adjustable PWM & RDM function.


Thanks to the addition of lime colour to the RGBA color mixing, this fixture upgrades the CRI and allows the user to create unique colour combinations that would not be possible with the traditional RGB. The fixture render a great variety of colours and shades never seen before.

Superior color rendering

ELIPSOLED COLOR has a CRI of >85Ra, providing excellent and accurate colour rendering. The CRI (colour rendering index) is a quantitative measurement, from 0 to 100, used to indicate how accurate a given light source is at rendering the colours of an object.

Additional information

Fuente de luz

91 3-Watt RGBLA LEDs (18R, 18G, 19B, 18A, 18L)

Vida útil promedio

50.000 hours

Lentes disponibles

5º,10º,19º,26º,36º,50º, 15-30º & 25-50º

Frecuencia de refresco

PWM adjustable

Flujo lumínico

5965 lm

Reproducción de color


Flux @ 10º

2200 Lux @ 10M

Flux @ 26º

800 Lux @ 10M

Mezcla de color


Presets de temperatura color

2700K, 3000K, 3200K, 3500K, 4000K, 4200K, 4500K, 5600K, 6000K, 6500K, 7200K & 8000K

Gestión de color


Presets de color

16 to emulate industry's most popular filters


Full-range: 0-100%



Efecto estrobo

0-20 flashes por segundo

Canales DMX


Función RDM


Modos de operación

DMX, sound/active, auto & Master/Slave

Conectores DMX

2 XLR-3 & 2 XLR-5

Conectores de alimentación

PowerCON™ in/out



Certificación IP


Rango de voltaje

AC100–240V, 50-60Hz

Consumo máximo



600x370x370 mm.

Peso neto

8,3 Kg.

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