Fresneled 3100 MAX

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Professional LED Fresnel

  • 1 250-Watt COB LED
  • CRI: > 90Ra
  • Zoom: 15º-60º
  • Strobe effect
  • Motorised focus


Fresneled 3100 MAX is a LED fresnel powered by a 250W COB LED that works at 3100K. In addition to having a 90Ra colour reproduction, the fixture is equipped with a zoom function that allows to vary its beam angle between 15º and 60º, adding great versatility to any fresnel application. Thanks to its COB LED, Fresneled 3100 MAX enables a great energy saving and a very low heat generation and also features 16-bit dimmer with four dimming curves, strobe effect and selectable refresh rate.

Long lasting efficient LEDs

Thanks to the COB technology of the LED modules, the MAX line provides a more efficient light source with improved heat dissipation and longer lifetime. Therefore, with the same power as an SMD LED, the user can achieve a higher number of lumens/watts.

Superior color rendering

FRESNELED MAX has a CRI of >90Ra, providing excellent and accurate colour rendering. The CRI (colour rendering index) is a quantitative measurement, from 0 to 100, used to indicate how accurate a given light source is at rendering the colours of an object.

Additional information

Fuente de luz

1 250-Watt COB LED

Temperatura color


Vida útil promedio

50.000 hours



Frecuencia de refresco seleccionable

600Hz, 1200Hz, 2000Hz, 4000Hz & 25000Hz

Flujo lumínico @ 60º

10519 lm

Reproducción de color


Flux @ 15º

4000 Lux @ 5M

Flux @ 60º

404 Lux @ 5M


Full-range: 0-100% 816-bit) with 4 curves



Efecto estrobo

0-20 flashes per second

Canales DMX


Función RDM


Modos de operación

DMX, Static, Master/Slave & on-board control

Conectores DMX

2 XLR-3 & 2 XLR-5

Conectores de alimentación

PowerCON™ in/out



Certificación IP


Rango de voltaje

AC100–240V, 50-60Hz

Consumo máximo



417x286x260 mm.

Peso neto

6,6 Kg.

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