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Professional Amplifier

  • Output power 2 x 1400W @ 8-ohm y 2 x 1800W @ 4-ohm
  • Class D amplification
  • XLR signal connectors, NL4 output
  • High power/weight ratio
  • Wide range of protections


TEX-3600 is a Class-D power amplifier with 2 x 1400 W @ 8-Ohm and 2 x 1800 W @ 4-Ohm power output. The new TEX Series by Tecshow is the digital version of the successful APXII Series, aimed to meet the needs of the massive market, offering an excelent weight/power ratio. A trully efficient cooling system, a stereo/parallel mode selector, XLR signal connectors, NL4 output for loudspeakers and a wide range of pretections are some of its main features. Light-weight, reliable and efficient, the power amplifiers of the TEX Series are ideal for both fixed installations and mobile DJ’s.

Ideal for fixed installations
Thanks to its compact design and steady performance, TEX Series is ideal for amplification requirements at bars, restaurants, gyms, shops and more.

Weight/Power ratio
Thanks to its efficient design and a Class-D amplification, every amplifier of the TEX Series features a weight/power ratio up to 4 times lower than traditional amplifiers. TEX-4900, for instance, provides 3600 W weighing just 5.1 kg.

Protection and connectivity
The power amplifiers from TEX Series feature a complete range of protections and different numbers of connectors depending on the model, being able to manage up to 4 independent inputs/outputs.

Additional information

Output power - Stereo 8-Ohm

2 x 1400 W

Output power - Stereo 4-Ohm

2 x 1800 W

Input impedance

20 kOhm balanced mains

Frequency response



<0.10%, 20Hz-20KHz (8Ω)

Slew Rate


Signal to noise ratio


Damping factor ([email protected])



Full short-circuit, Overcharge, Soft-Start, Boot-Strap testing

XLR Connectors

2 female balanced


2 NL4 loudspeaker outputs

Selection mode

Parallel, Stereo, Bridge


2 variable-speed fan

Voltage range

115–230V, 50-60Hz

Max. Consumption

3600 W

Dimensions (mm)



5.1 Kg