Steam 450 Infinite

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Compact smoke machine

  • 2.000 cubic feet per minute
  • Continued functioning
  • Haze effect
  • Quick warmp up
  • Ideal for mobile applications


Steam 450 Infinite is a compact fog machine with an output of 2,000 cubic feet per minute. Among its main characteristics is its ability to operate continuously, without needing breaks or intervals. On the other hand – thanks to its technology – it produces a haze effect from conventional smoke optimizing the consumption of liquid. Easy to operate and with a preheating time of 30 to 45 seconds, Steam 450 Infinite is an ideal fog machine for mobile applications that require a reliable and powerful fixture.

Additional information


2.000 cubic feet per minute

Warm up time

30-45 seconds


1 lts.

Liquid consumption

10 ml/min

Operational modes

Wired control (included) & Wireless control (optional)


1 connector TRS 1/4"

Voltage range

AC100–240V, 50-60Hz

Max. Consumption



268x225x174 mm.


2,1 Kg.